Three Seeds Eco-Education Rainforest Camp 

(Eco-Educational & Cultural adventures in paradise for all ages) 


 Rainforest Summer Camp with English/Spanish Immersion  

Sign up for our summer teen camp. Also great for families,   

Yoga groups, spiritual groups, weddings, boy-girl scouts and more.  

Contact Us to make a Reservation at: 314-343-6678 

or by email at: 

Exciting Rainforest Adventures...
Local Organic Farm, Village & Family Life...
Jungle Plants, Animals, Lore & Insights...
Traditional Costa Rican Organic Cuisine...
Nourish your Body and Mind...
Soccer, Hiking and Swimming...
Meaningful Interactions with Locals...
Organic Gardening... 
Volunteering and Costa Rican Children...

"Our family had our most memorable moments in Costa Rica at Three Seeds Eco-Education Rainforest Camp.  We are so thankful to our hosts for opening up their home and way of life to us.  We learned  so much about the rural Costa Rican way of life and how to 'live off the land.'  Even our 10 year old continues to be excited about veggies after our visit!  Thank you!"               
- Mother of five


Three Seeds (Tres Semillas) Eco-Education Rainforest Camp is a working organic family farm located on the border of a 150,000 acre primary rainforest reserve.  The Saenz-Newton family grows most of their own food organically using a combination of local indigenous knowledge and progressive permaculture techniques, and they host one family or group at a time who come to practice their Spanish with locals, experience life on a rainforest farm, learn about Costa Rican culture, enjoy eco-adventure and more.  The home-grown organic meals served at Finca Tres Semillas are unforgettable!

Three Seeds Workshops & Cooking Classes include:

* Introduction to Costa Rican Gardening/Farming Workshop

* Seeding and Transplanting Workshop

* Setting up and managing an Organic Compost System Workshop

* Milk A Cow and Make Milk and Fresh Cheese & Cream Workshop

* Harvesting Edible Foods (Fruits, Herbs, Yucca, Beans, Corn, Yampi) Workshops

* Making Organic Fertilizers and Soils Workshops

* Learn how to Press Sugarcane and make Molasses/Dulce Workshop

* Learn how to process Cacao and make Chocolate, Brownies & Cakes

* Learn how to cook and prepare Casados, Gallo Pinto, Fried Plantains, & other Costa Rican Country Dishes

* Learn how to make Organic Tamales (Vegetarian or Meat)
* Learn how to make Pupusas SalvadoreƱas (Grilled Corn Tortillas filled with Cheese and Veggies)

* Learn how to make Pizzas from Scratch and Italian Food 

* English and Spanish Immersion & Cross-Cultural Exchange Workshops 

This is a great destination for:

* Educational Student Groups looking for a safe and enriching place to host their Summer Camps 

* Wilderness Camping Trips and Summer Camps for Boy & Girl Scout Groups and other organizations

* Families looking for a child-oriented & family-friendly place to stay in Costa Rica

* Home-schoolers and education-oriented travelers looking to learn about Latin American culture, ecology, Spanish, organic farming, where food comes from, animal husbandry, etc. 

* Organic & slow foods aficionados

* Aficionados of Costa Rican traditional rural cuisine

* Those looking for a genuine cultural immersion experience away from tourists

* Those wanting to experience Costa Rica through the eyes & daily life of local farmers

* Those seeking an up-close-and-personal experience with Primary Rainforest (Montane and Premontane) 

* Those who like nature, waterfalls, rivers and swimming holes  

* Those looking for a one-of-a-kind cultural and ecological adventure!  

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