Liability Waiver

There is no denying it - Tres Semillas is a destination with some high risks.  It is deep in the countryside where the agricultural frontier meets the raw virgin rainforest.  We have never had a serious accident, but it is a place full of risks.  The nearest hospital emergency room or clinic is a 1.5 hour car ride to San Isidro de El General.  There are snakes and other wildlife that could potentially hurt visitors, there is a large river with a strong current in some areas, the road to get there skirts around steep cliffs, etc.  It is raw, exciting and adventurous - and it is mostly safe, but there are no guarantees.   

You will need to consider whether or not this is a good fit for you. 

The owners of Tres Semillas and its partners (i.e. Instituto Conexiones) must be released of all liability due to the risks involved with this type of destination.  Thus, in order to go to Tres Semillas, you must sign a Release & Waiver of Liability for yourself and any children you are responsible for.  


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