Three Seed Farm is located next to the Buenaventura Ecological Reserve and in early 2008 the owner of this protected area built a brand-new steel and concrete bridge to replace the wood and cable hammock bridge that is suspended between two tired old trees.  The old bridge is still up for those with a taste for "Indiana-Jones-Type-Adventure."  But for Tamara, the mother of Three Seeds Farm, the new bridge has made a huge difference in her life because her small children used to have to cross the old hammock bridge every day to go to school and as she puts it "I was worried sick for their safety every single day."

The new bridge accomodates the crossing of horses.  This has made certain daily tasks on the farm much, much easier and less labor intensive.   The owner of the bridge made sure to make it small enough to not allow cars or trucks to pass in order to protect the serenity and protection of the amazing and special rainforest it leads to.