Three Seeds Organic Farm

 If you want to see an amazing & thriving organic  farm and learn about organic gardening & how plants and herbs are used in Costa Rica, this is THE PLACE to go! 

At Three Seeds Farm, the garden is a big  & VERY YUMMY part of everyday life.

Tamara & Gerardo grow fields of  beans & corn every year.

They also cultivate dozens of different types of  vegetables and medicinal & culinary herbs year round.

They have planted over 150 fruit trees including mangos, avodados, oranges, star fruit, papaya and various types of bananas. 

 Tamara, the mother of the farm feels that there is nothing better than to go out to the garden and pick fresh greens for the salad or some fresh veggies to throw in the soup.

"Visitors enjoy meals that are about 90% right from the organic farm & experience harvesting their lunch or dinner - from the ground to the pot or just straight to their plate."


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